Although Gujarat ports might be handling more cargo throughput than any other State in India but most of the related shipping business activities like shipping agents, chartering agents, shipping lines , freight forwarders , Exim trades/ agents and Ship Financing agencies/ Banks and Insurance agencies are located outside the state. Cities like Mumbai and Chennai have established themselves as centres of maritime trade in India whereas globally places like Dubai, Singapore & Colombo are giving these services to Gujarat Port Users.

In addition to losing above business activities to other state/nations, lack of above "Soft Infrastructure",is also hurting the competitiveness of Gujarat ports. Some of the most competitive ports (Rotterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.) of the world are supported by their respective maritime clusters. Thereforeit is felt that there is an urgent need to develop a maritime cluster in Gujarat to support maritime trade in and around Gujarat.

This geographic concentration of interconnected companies will house maritime companies/ organisations/ entities which not only compete with each other, but will also cooperate/partner to support rapidly growing shipping industry of Gujarat and India at large.

Introduction to the event

To better understand the best practises across the world and gauge the pulse of the market regarding this project, we are organising an international conference on maritime cluster with intent to involve Industry, leading maritime cluster organisations and experts in Maritime cluster at conceptualisation stage itself. We are also contemplating possibilities to bring cluster leaders as partners in proposed maritime cluster in Gujarat.

The conference will provide an excellent platform to interact and network with the industry leaders and exchange views on shaping the future of the maritime clusters in particular and shipping trade in general.

Please make sure you mark your calendar for the event. Please get in touch with us on for any further information.

Benefits of Maritime Cluster

Major benefits (economic impact) of maritime activities could be broken down into direct and indirect effects. Direct effect considers the economic activity and jobs generated directly by the cluster. Indirect effects include the jobs and demand created up and down the supply chain, as well as the consumption generated in the rest of the economy.

Thus, the value and demand generated in the clusters trickles down through the overall economy to create further jobs and demand, making the combined economic importance of an even greater nature than simply direct activities. This has led to the realization that the full economic significance of maritime activities is not the jobs at sea, but rather the derived employment and economic activities on shore.Further it enhances the competitiveness and growth in local maritime economy.